Mixed or Corporate Coloured Jelly Bean B

Mixed or Corporate Coloured Jelly Beans Jelly Beans in 50g bag. Colours Jelly Beans: Mix of Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple & Pink. Flavour Jelly Beans: Black - Blackcurrent, White - Tutti Frutti, Blue - Blueberry , Green - Apple, Red - Strawberry, Yellow - Pineapple, Orange - Orange, Purple - Grape & Pink - Watermelon. Note: Ingredient Info : On each item. SIZE OF PRODUCT: 95mmW x 85mmH. GRAPHIC TYPE: Full Colour Sticker . Select any Size from Below: . 50mmW x 40mmH or 50mmW x 30mmH or 38mm Round or 45mm Round or 33mm Square or 50mm Square or 60mmW x 40mmH Oval.. GRAPHIC SIZE: One Colour Print PMS Colours CANNOT be matched. Print Colour Options: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Black, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Pink & White One Clr Print Size: 30mmW x 30mmH - subject to artwork. PACKAGING: Confectionery in cello bag - bulk packed
PS Ref: PS0026327
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