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ASSN07 Light Up Fan With Led Readout

Features: See you company name appear on the rotating blade of this mini fan as the blades rotate

LIFE05 Shower Timer

Features: Shower Timer that you can stick on your bathroom wall; Easy to use and durableComes with or without backing card, call for backing card pricingEssential for your bathroom

LIFE25 Digital Shower Timer

Features: Digital shower timer counts up to 99min and down from 99minsWaterproof for water splashes; easy to use timer; big digits and touch buttons on frontEndures high temperature; perfect for a gift

LIFE26 Digital Shower Timer Duck Shape

Features: Digital shower timer, counts up to 99min and down from 99mins; fun duck shapeHelp save water and electricity bills; digital time displayWater-proof and durable

Aluminium alloy nut cracker in shape of

Alloy, Glass, Stainless steel, Silicone. Product Item Size: 18.4 x 17.2 x 5.1 cm. Colours Available Supplier: silver.

H9001 Quilted Cotton Canvas Pot Holder

Features: Pretty Quilted Cotton Canvas Pot HolderWith its cotton exterior and terry-cloth insides, you'll appreciate the quality and durability Cotton Made from 100% prewashed quilted cotton herringbone; Large Imprint Area Convenient Loop For Hanging

H9002 Quilted Cotton Canvas Oven Mitt

Features: Quilted Cotton Canvas Oven Mitt that is Best for use in lower heat cooking, such as an Easy Bake OvenQuilted, lined with Cotton Batting and Insul Bright with a hang loopLarge Imprint Area

LIFE106 Baby Bib

Features: Baby BibMaterial: 100%cotton PVC coated polyester BPA Free Hand Wash Recommended

LIFE123 Magnifying Glass

Features: Multi-use Magnifying glassMagnification: 30X. Effective diameter: 36mm. Material: Zinc alloy (black paint), two optical glass lens coating.Great product for the watch making industry, specially for inspecting those tiny objects. You can get an extremely close view of the tiniest details.Good for jewelry, coins, stamps, antiques and so on, which is practical and durable.Lightweight and tiny, great to have one in your pocket all the time.

LIFE137 Cheeseboard

Features: High quality and presentable CheeseboardMakes a great display when getting together with friends and familyPerfect for both casual and elegant entertainingFood safe and FDA approved

LIFE150 Run Away Alarm

LIFE150 Run Away Alarm

Smiley Radio - Red or Blue

Smiley face FM scan radio with earphones. Red or Blue. Supplied in black box Product Dimensions: 50mm x 100mm Print Size: 25mm x 25mm

Touchscreen Radio

Stylish touch screen radio with desk stand. Features include: calculator, world time clock, currency converter, alarm, timer, and snooze button. Stylus attached. Supplied in presentation pouch. Gift box included. Product Dimensions: 78mm wide x 122mm high Print Size: 60mm wide x 10mm high

TEAL01 Ceramic Tea Light

Features: Premium quality ceramic tea light with claasic designBrightens up your home with decorative appealCan be placed and decorated to any room of your home

ABS electric blender

ABS, PC, Stainless steel 301. Product Item Size: 0 x 7.5 x 23.3 cm. Colours Available Supplier: black.

Music Mouse Radio

FM Scan radio in shape of mouse with blue trim. Supplied in box.

Walk-about AM/FM Radio - Red or Blue

Handy walkabout AM/Fm radio with belt clip and headphones. Available in Red or Blue. Supplied with gift box and batteries. Product Dimensions: 62mm wide x 80mm high Print Size: 35mm wide x 25mm high

Surfers FM Scan Radio

FM Scan radio with earphones. Silver Colour. Supplied in box

Mood Soccer Light

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